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Delivering a Powerful Impact at Minimal Cost

SPI has designed our products and services to support today's modern incremental and spiral project development approaches.  Our approach is to add value throughout a project's lifecycle with essential skills when and where needed.  

Using our Core/Extended team approach, we can help accelerate the development of fledgling projects by helping to achieve a critical mass of essential expertise in the early resource-limited phases.  As your project expands outward, growing in scope, our cross-cutting services can continue to provide cost effective continuity.


Strategic Analysis & Business Plan Development

SPI has helped numerous space startup companies to achieve fruition.

Well established industry leaders also come to us for our insights when seeking to explore new market opportunities or re-imagine existing lines of business.

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Systems Engineering and Technical Oversight

SPI employs the art and science of Systems Engineering to realize your vision with a truly optimized system design.

We can cost effectively bolster your team with niche expertise as needed from our "deep and wide" technical bench.

We provide expert peer review to assure your design is realized, validated, and verified in rigorous fashion for total success.


Due Diligence

Due diligence is all about avoiding foreseeable problems.  Whether your interest is in investment, M&A, Joint Venturing, or Collaboration, our team of legal, technical, business and risk management experts ask the key questions to properly frame the thesis with respect to the target, and test its validity with rigorous, comprehensive 360 degree analyses and assessments.


International Regulation,

RF Spectrum Acquisition,

Access To Local Markets

SPI navigates the complex realm of international regulations on behalf of our clients. We facilitate the acquisition of spectrum and orbital slots, the negotiation of landing rights, and other international regulatory approvals necessary to build an operate satellite systems.

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Program Management Excellence

SPI organizes and manages all phases of large scale, space-related projects.  Our global network of space professionals ensure that our clients obtain the best cost and delivery schedules while assuring technical performance, and achieving the highest level of quality.​

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Business Risk Management

Business Risk Management is the continuation of Program Management by other means. 


We bring a comprehensive and systematic approach to risk management leading to Innovative solutions to protecting your business and financial partners from unexpected losses.

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