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About SPI

More Than a World-leading Space Consultancy...

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SPI was founded in 2009 with the goal of expanding the commercialization and 'democratization' of space around the globe for both new entrants and established participants.

More than 50 years after the first footprint was made on the moon, newcomers still find that the first step into space remains " giant leap...".   The barriers to entry can be daunting; whether obtaining critical expertise, acquiring capital, or securing essential resources like RF spectrum.  Space is also by its very nature a global market. Successful business plans often rely on penetration of global markets to justify startup costs.  The paradox of establishing "a startup company with global reach" is one that often vexes space entrepreneurs.


Over many years we have established a tightly integrated network of senior executives, government officials, and leading technology partners in complementary regions and areas of expertise. Leveraging this network, we operate as a Partner-Broker consultancy; employing a collaborative approach, often involving direct investment and in-kind contributions to the projects in which we partake, thereby aligning our success with that of our client-partners.


Our strategy is to systematically devise the means to surmount the obstacles faced by new space entrants.  We can help you face the challenges and solve the paradoxes of space by a variety of means:

  • Perfecting system concepts and business plans;

  • Assisting with capital acquisition;

  • Rendering services to obtain essential resources such as RF spectrum;

  • Leveraging our worldwide network to provide access to global markets;

  • Supplementing your project team to achieve the necessary critical mass of specialized domain expertise and technologies in a cost-effective fashion.

SPI is not just about startups.  Businesses already well established in the space industry have benefitted from our expert strategic analysis when exploring new opportunities and devising the means to expand into new and adjacent markets.

We welcome you to join us...

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