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Strategic Analysis & Business Plan Development

Achieve Your Business Objectives

SPI has helped numerous space-startup companies to achieve fruition.

Well established industry leaders have also come to us for our unique insights when seeking to explore expansion into new markets or even to re-imagine existing lines of business.

Our team is continuously active in developing financeable business plans throughout the space ecosystem and space-adjacent industries.  We have refined our approach to business architecture and strategic analysis over many years working with system prime contractors, manufacturers, infrastructure operators, providers of communications services, remote-sensing enterprises, and developers of value-added data fusion products.

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Past Projects

  • Market Research

  • Value-chain Analysis and Positioning

  • Strength Weaknesses Opportunity and Threats (SWOT) Assessments

  • Customer Focused Product and Service Definition

  • Quality Functional Deployment (House of Quality)

  • Market Entry Strategies

  • Business Financial Modeling

  • Capital Acquisition

  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures

  • Middle-Eastern private satellite operator:

    • developed 5 and 10 year strategic plans for regional and global expansion.

  • European established satellite operator:

    • S-Band satellite spectrum in Europe went unutilized for more than a decade in the absence of a viable business model.

    • SPI devised a “Complimentary Ground Component” strategy approach to close a business case for aero communications services over Europe.

  • For more examples refer to our News Blog​.

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