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Systems Engineering and Technical Oversight

Employing the Art and Science of Systems Engineering to Realize Your Vision

Systems engineering relies upon a holistic perspective that sees design as an interconnected whole that must be harmonized.  This is accomplished by establishing, decomposing, and communicating stakeholders needs to engineers and designers of diverse disciplines.  Through collaborative effort and iteration, trade-offs are performed to establish a solution with the highest perceived quality which meets cost, schedule, technical maturity and risk levels.

Stakeholder and Customer requirements need to be methodically and rigorously characterized as early as possible in the project lifecycle. Changes that occur later in projects always cost more and adversely drive development schedules.  We have a suite of proven tools and techniques such as Quality Functional Deployment to objectively assess engineering trade-offs.  By taking the guess work out of the system trades during conceptual design, we can shorten development cycles and reduce overall cost and schedule risks.

During the design development phase we can draw upon our teams "deep and wide" expertise in critical areas of space technology to bolster your technical bench strength as required without overburdening your organization with niche experts.

Validation and Verification is vital to ensuring your project will achieve the mission with the highest levels of quality and reliability.  Our engineering team and project experts can assure that rigorous peer review, vetting of the design, simulation and modeling occur at every step in an efficient and rigorous V&V framework.  

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SPI Systems Engineering Competency Model

  • Engineering Lifecycle

    • Concept Definition

    • Requirements Engineering

    • Architecture Development

    • Systems Design and Development

    • Systems Integration

    • Validation and Verification

    • Implementation, Operations & Maintenance

  • Planning and Management

    • Configuration Management

    • Quality Assurance & Metrics

    • Sourcing Evaluation

    • Risk Management

    • Logistics & Support

    • Continuous Improvement​

  • Technical Specialties

    • System Simulation & Modeling

    • Cost / Benefit Analysis

    • Security Engineering

    • Reliability, Maintainability, Availability

    • Safety Engineering

    • Software and Computing

    • Communications and Networking

Representative Projects

  • Green field, end-to-end design of the complete inaugural space system "Bangabandhu-1" for the country of Bangladesh:

    • Space Segment

    • Launch Service

    • Ground Control Segment (SOC)

    • Network Segment (NOC)

    • Operations

    • Training

  • Design of VHTS broadband satellite system for Pacific Dataport Inc. 

  • For more examples refer to our News Blog.

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