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Due Diligence

360 Degrees of Perspective

Due diligence is all about avoiding foreseeable problems.  Whether your interest is in investment, M&A, Joint Venturing, or Collaboration, our team of legal, technical, business and risk management experts ask the key questions to properly frame the thesis with respect to the target considered, and test its validity with a rigorous, comprehensive analysis and assessment across all relevant disciplines of diligence.


We bring together diverse perspectives across the requisite disciplines to efficiently and effectively cut to the heart of the matter.  We distill our findings into actionable recommendations.

Our goal is enable you to make decisions with clarity and confidence.


360º Competencies

Representative Clients

  • Commercial

  • Technical

  • Financial

  • Regulatory

  • Legal

  • Debt Financiers:

    • US Export-Import Bank

    • Islamic Development Bank

  • Capital Investors:

    • Pegasus Capital

    • Signal Capital

  • Mergers & Acquisitions


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