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SPI Boosts INMARSAT's Global M2M Business

SPI has concluded an exhaustive market analysis of the Global M2M market for INMARSAT with the goal of spurring market growth in the global M2M market:

  • Technical and financial assessment of the existing M2M business models;

  • Complete eco-system / value-chain assessments;

  • Comparative analysis of data-volume based billing vs. capability subscription models;

  • Identification key strategic capabilities and resources to spur growth;

  • Make/buy evaluations for new technology items;

  • M&A strategy for value-chain repositioning.

  • Synthesize a new monetization and value-chain repositioning strategy.

The far-reaching study led to a successful repositioning of INMARSAT in the marketplace and a shift-away from traditional data-volume based billing to flat rate capability subscriptions which reshaped the M2M business model.

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