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Pacific Dataport Teams With OneWeb To Provide GEO / LEO Satellite Broadband Solutions For Alaska

Pacific Dataport, Inc. (“PDI”), an Alaska-based company established to provide affordable satellite broadband to all of Alaska and the surrounding Pacific Ocean Region, has entered into a distribution partnership with OneWeb to be the exclusive distributor of OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (“LEO”) services in Alaska and Hawaii.

This distribution arrangement will complement PDI’s geostationary High Throughput Satellite (“HTS”) Ka-band service offerings, which will commence in early 2021 with the launch of PDI’s first GEO satellite, Aurora 4A. PDI will use OneWeb’s LEO system to satisfy broadband applications that require low-latency (e.g., gaming, financial transactions, telehealth, etc.) and PDI’s own GEO HTS system for all other broadband applications. Offering customers their choice of GEO or LEO service, and in many cases a hybrid GEO / LEO solution, will position PDI to capture a larger share of the overall market for broadband services, increase its revenues and strengthen its first mover competitive advantage.

PDI’s exclusive distribution agreement with OneWeb marks a key milestone in service-readiness for PDI’s communications system and its commitment to bring affordable high-speed broadband service to Alaska and the surrounding Pacific Ocean Region. PDI customers should be able to enjoy OneWeb LEO services as early as Q4 2020, and PDI’s GEO services by Q2 2021. PDI’s GEO and LEO service offerings will be available from the outset everywhere in Alaska, and will be a key enabler for bridging rural Alaska’s digital divide the growth of its digital economy. Campbell Macfarlane, President OneWeb Enterprise, said: “Working with PDI has been a fabulous collaborative experience. PDI’s knowledge, deep customer relationships and prominence in Alaska’s commercial regions make it a natural fit to accelerate take-up of OneWeb’s Enterprise propositions. PDI immediately recognized the potential of OneWeb’s solutions to deliver high throughput, low latency services to customers in a broad range of markets.”

Chuck Schumann, CEO Pacific Dataport Inc., said: “PDI is proud to team with OneWeb as its exclusive distributor for Alaska and Hawaii. PDI is at the forefront of the satellite industry, continually looking ahead and implementing the very latest technologies available in the market for our customers.”

About Pacific Dataport Inc.

Pacific Dataport Inc. (PDI) is a satellite communications company headquartered in Anchorage, and formed specifically to enable affordable, high-speed broadband access for everyone, everywhere in Alaska. PDI’s founding shareholders include Microcom, Inc., the leading provider of satellite systems and services throughout all of Alaska ( for the past 35 years, and Space Partnership International, LLC, an industry leader in satellite systems engineering, procurement and program management, and space-related regulatory, business development and risk management services ( PDI is merging the GEO technology of its Aurora HTS system with OneWeb LEO technology to form unique hybrid and standalone solutions for users across Alaska and surrounding areas. The future of Alaska, especially rural Alaska, depends on access to reliable internet service and Pacific Dataport is making it happen. For more information on PDI.


About OneWeb

OneWeb’s mission is to enable Internet access for everyone, everywhere. OneWeb is building a communications network with a constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites that will provide connectivity to billions of people around the world. OneWeb is creating business solutions for Broadband, Government and Cellular Backhaul. Its high speed, low latency, pole-to-pole network will also offer game-changing mobility solutions to industries that rely on global connectivity, such as Aviation, Maritime and Oil and Gas.

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