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Pacific Dataport Founders, SPI and Microcom, Work with Astranis to Narrow Alaska's Digital Divide

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

SPI is pleased to announce the selection of Astranis to build a GEO high-throughput telecommunications microsatellite. This satellite procurement represents the first phase of PDI’s plans to bring affordable broadband capacity throughout the State of Alaska. The Astranis satellite will be launched by the second half of 2020 and will provide 7.5 Gbps of capacity. Future plans for the Aurora System will add 30 to 40 Gbps of capacity.

PDI Aurora 4A (Arcturus) MicroGEO by Astranis

We look forward to working alongside Astranis’ solid technical team to build a smaller, more cost-effective satellite tailored to our needs. This will allow PDI to quickly provide much needed broadband service to rural and remote areas of the State as we continue with the design and development of the larger Aurora system.

SPI is actively involved in all aspects of the program and is leading PDI’s satellite systems engineering, program management, procurement and oversight, and regulatory issues (including orbital slots, intersystem coordination, satellite licensing, market access, etc.).

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