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SPI Addresses the Challenges Facing New Space Entrants at the Secure World Foundation

Jean-Michel Eid (second from left) joins panel on Asia Space Industry Growth at the Secure World Foundation

[Via Satellite 05-12-2016] Asia’s satellite industry is increasingly becoming a larger part of the global industry, but new players are still often learning fundamental steps on how to navigate the global stage. According to experts speaking May 10 at the Secure World Foundation’s “Challenges and Opportunities Facing New Space Actors” session, new players are often government driven and are “learning the ropes” concurrently with the development of new space systems.

Jean-Michel Eid, managing director of Space Partnership International (SPI), said that his company, which provides consulting and support to governments in the space business, often finds very high levels of enthusiasm but “nightmare administrative processes” that prolong and complicate new satellite programs. These new programs can end up cycling through various ministries for months and months, delaying action on Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and sometimes even causing newer satellite programs to start with antiquated technology because of their protracted approval processes.

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