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Shafiq Chaudhuri

Shafiq A. Chaudhuri is an SPI Partner Emeritus with over 40 years of corporate experience. He was SPI’s Project Leader for the highly successful Bangabandhu-1 Satellite Program, the flagship of the Bangladeshi satellite fleet.   With the launch and commissioning of Bangabandhu-1 Mr. Chaudhuri and SPI ushered the Country of Bangladesh into the elite community of space-fairing nations.


Mr. Chaudhuri held senior management positions, was responsible for product development for satellite; terrestrial communications, broadband wireless, worldwide sales and distribution channels and customer care operations at General Electric Co., COMSAT Corporation, Mobile Telesystems, Inc. (MTI) and Taylor McKenzie, Inc., and was credited for sales of products and services exceeding $300M. At COMSAT, he was responsible for the development of TDMA, VSAT and Mobile Satellite products and services. In 1988, as a founding member of MTI, where he was the VP Marketing, Sales & Services, Mr. Chaudhuri pioneered the transportable Inmarsat system that was used by US, Allied Forces and CNN.



Prior to joining SPI, Mr. Chaudhuri was Vice President Americas, Nomad Digital, Ltd. (UK), the world’s leader in mobile broadband communications for the transportation sector.  Mr. Chaudhuri was instrumental in closing a $39M deal with Amtrak, for Wi-Fi on trains nationwide.  He was also credited by Amtrak for the design and installation of Wi-Fi in 2008 on President Obama’s whistle stop train.


Prior to Nomad Digital, he was an ICT and broadband consultant; President, OmniSat Communications, Inc. where he was responsible for building a new satellite operating Co; Sr. VP at Taylor McKenzie, Inc., where he managed the team providing solution to clients on IT services, telecom fraud prevention, marketing strategies, US EX-IM and VC financing. Mr. Chaudhuri is seasoned in Corporate Management, International Business Development and Sales & Marketing and has successfully conducted business in thirty-three countries, worldwide.


Mr. Chaudhuri holds an MSEE in Communications from The George Washington University, B.Sc. (Honours) EEE degree from The University of Birmingham, UK; and a Certificate on Negotiations from Harvard. Mr. Chaudhuri is the former Chairman of Mobile Satellite Users Assoc. (MSUA), past member of US Dept. of Commerce Export Council, and a founding Board Member of USBAC, an NGO advising The Bangladesh Caucus at US Congress on policy relating to Bangladesh.

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