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Roy B. Kampfer

Mr. Kampfer brings over 35 years of practical hands-on experience in engineering and program management of space projects.  Always seeking new challenges, he has been at the vanguard of a number of bold projects that have helped to shape today's modern space and communications industries, and even man's understanding of the solar system.

He was one of the early architects of the Motorola IRIDIUM system, the first large Low-Earth Orbiting satellite constellation which is the foundation of much of today's revolution in space; resilient systems comprised of numerous satellites, high-volume satellite manufacturing, high-computing capacity satellites with communications traffic routing, and inter-satellite links.  He participated in NASA JPL's Galileo mission which orbited Jupiter for almost eight years, making close passes by all its major moons.

Mr. Kampfer was the first commercial program manager to procure commercial launch services from Russia as well as an early adopter of Chinese launches.  Over the course of his career Mr. Kampfer procured and managed almost two-dozen launches from five different launch service providers across the globe.  He has led Research and Development projects for US Government clients and successfully Managed numerous large space infrastructure projects.


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During his tenure in the space industry Mr Kampfer has garnered experience that spans the value-chain from pure R&D to design and manufacturing, prime contracting, systems operator, services reseller, and entrepreneur.  He leveraged his programmatic and technical risk management skills in the financial sector by developing complex system and supply chain simulations which were used to develop new types of financial covers  responsive to the ever evolving nature of space risks.

His employment history includes: Lockheed-Martin, Honeywell, Motorola, Fairchild, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, General Electric and RCA Electronics.

Mr. Kampfer holds a BSME degree from Lehigh University. 

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