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Jean-Michel Eid

Jean-Michel Eid is a co-founder of SPI with more than 30 years of experience in space-related technology and business. His specialties include business analysis, strategic planning, international finance and risk management. Mr. Eid began his career with the French launch service provider Arianespace, marketing the Ariane family of launch vehicles to U.S.-based telecommunications companies. There he developed the company’s US marketing strategy as well as its “Launch Risk Guarantee” offering to customers.


After leaving Arianespace, Mr. Eid co-founded International Space Brokers, which quickly became one of the world’s leading brokers of space insurance. He later co-founded and served as Managing Director of Aon Space, where he was responsible for the insurance placement and risk management for companies including GE, Motorola, Iridium, SPI, MCI, Hispasat and Telecom Mexico. Also at Aon, he led the development of insurance products for non-traditional space risks for Space Tourism, Mars Missions, orbital recovery programs, assisting Iridium with unique Third Party Liability coverage as a requirement of getting out of bankruptcy, and the funding for the X-Prize. In all, Mr. Eid has been integrally involved in more than 90 risk management / insurance programs with established and entrepreneurial space-related companies.

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Mr. Eid has also been involved in several entrepreneurial ventures, which include co-founding Global Radio in Luxemburg (European based satellite digital radio), co-founding Assure Space (a managing general agency for space insurance), and acquiring Radio Woodstock in the US. He has also served as an expert advisor to investment banks on telecom and aerospace company acquisitions.


Mr. Eid holds an M.B.A. degree in International Finance from George Washington University and a B.S. in Business Administration from Georgetown University.

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